Finding the perfect location for your business is incredibly important, but choosing the right one can be tough when you’re balancing between desire and practicality. The location should fit the needs of both customers and employees, without costing too much to the company.

Factors to consider when choosing a location

Look for demand

No business owners want to be too close to other companies selling the same products or services. Researching where there is demand but also where there might be too much competition will prevent loss of sales and ensure plenty of interested potential customers are walking past the store every day. You can find out this information by surveying the local area.

The Sloane Stanley estate is home to many different businesses that offer their own unique services and products, making it the perfect place for anyone to set up shop in our friendly neighbourhood.

Think about the heart of your brand

You must consider whether your brand fits into the area of the location before deciding on whether it’s the right fit for your business. For example, a high-quality exclusive boutique wouldn’t necessarily fit in an area where the population is mostly university students.

In rural areas, while easier to secure a place in a quiet community, it might be difficult to make it successful. For example, a high-end restaurant would feel out of place in an environment with little tourism and residents who are not used to spending lots of money on luxury cuisine.

As one of the ultimate destinations in London, Sloane Stanley features a range of different businesses offering several services and high-quality products, perfect for independent brands looking to branch out in an exciting environment with an ever-growing footfall.

Travelling options

As well as a busy footfall, you want to ensure that employees can travel to you. Chelsea is a predominant location due to the travel amenities such as trains, buses and the ever-so-helpful tube line.

High-quality employees are the answer to a successful business, so you want to ensure they can easily reach you daily. Better travelling options are also great for customers who wish to visit your location but unable to travel too far for the shopping experience.

Safety first

A location could have everything you could ever dream of, but if the crime rate is high, you are putting your staff and customers in danger – perhaps preventing sales if people feel uncomfortable in the area.

The Sloane Stanley estate looks after its residents, ensuring that any crimes are limited and safety measures are in place to keep everyone safe during the day and evenings, with a reputable image that is unmatched in other areas.

Weigh your options

Regardless of the location, there will be essential factors to consider before making such a huge commitment. As responsible custodians of the Sloane Stanley estate, we are committed to preserving the distinct heritage and character of the Chelsea area while strengthening our diverse and engaged community. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our available properties.