It’s not as simple as picking a property and opening for business – the government categorises all commercial properties, and every business wants a slice of the best pie.

This legislation includes numerous use classes, which cover all types of buildings used for business and are referred to when submitting and examining planning applications. This legislation was last changed in September 2020.

Work with Sloane Stanley

There is plenty to experience on the Sloane Stanley estate, from mouth-watering treats at Peggy Porschen to the sweetest gifts and dog grooming services for pets at Love My Human. The estate has something for everyone visiting our corner of delights. The types of commercial properties and the wide variety of property solutions available can help any business get on the map.

In this article, we cover some relevant classifications to consider, and the variety of businesses currently enjoying their experience on the Sloane Stanley estate.


Retail units now fall under Class E after previously falling under the revoked class A. There are many opportunities for retail properties on the Sloane Stanley estate, anything from clothing to coffee shops are welcome to be a part of our incredibly welcoming neighbourhood.

This element of Class E considers commercial, business and services for use or part use, for retail sales of goods, not including hot food, for public members. There are a variety of shops within our neighbourhood that would fall under this category.

Treat yourself to some well-deserved retail therapy and experience the wonders of The Cherry Moon, a gorgeous platform for emerging and independent talent that launched in 2018. The Cherry Moon offers a unique and bespoke perspective on affordable luxury and provides the residents of Sloane Stanley with ultimate delight.

We also cater to aspiring designers looking to revamp their homes or add a touch of opulence to your space. The Designers Guild has been a part of the King’s Road for a number of years, keeping the heritage of Chelsea alive with fabrics and furniture to die for, and plenty of events to fill an entire social calendar.

Food and drink

Food and drink establishments also fall under the Class E category, for use or part use where consumption of food and drink occurs primarily on the premises. Sui Generis are premises that do not fall within specific use classes, such as pubs, drinking establishments, or hot food takeaways and places with an expanded food provision.

Food is important in our neighbourhood, and only the most mouth-watering, showstopping dishes appear in our delectable restaurants and cafes. Restaurants across the Sloane Stanley estate, such as The Bluebird, would fall under this category – serving delicious home comforts to our valued visitors.

Experience Europe in the most delicious way possible. Not only is The Bluebird a stylish and aesthetically pleasing place to catch up with London’s finest, the weekend brunch and afternoon tea are unmatched.

Office space

Businesses that require office space will also fall under Class E, with the purpose of an office to perform any operational or admin elements and services. Offices in Chelsea are often snapped up in quick succession, but snapping up a space with a view of the Chelsea Embankment is worth the patience.

Office locations are crucial to the success of a business, and putting yourself on the map near London’s busiest and most popular streets is exactly how to reap the rewards of a luxurious working environment.

Be a part of the moment

Knowing the different classes before renting a commercial property is important. Thankfully at Sloane Stanley, we have an offering of different types of commercial properties to consider for every aspirational business.

The Sloane Stanley Estate is one of the oldest and most prestigious landowning estates in Chelsea, London. Owning and managing hundreds of residential and commercial properties in Chelsea, the estate aims to be a fair and proactive landlord. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can support you.