The Sloane Stanley history has since grown to become one of the oldest and most prestigious landowning estates in Chelsea London.

The name behind Sloane Stanley

The Stanley family lived in Hampshire, with their main estate at Paultons near Southampton, later marrying into the Sloane family. When Hans Stanley passed away, he gave his estates to the grandson of William Sloane providing he took the name Stanley. 

From 1821, Hans Sloane officially became, by royal licence, Hans Sloane Stanley and the Chelsea Estate was soon known as the Sloane Stanley Estate it is today. Traces of ownership is still recognised through well-known names such as Paultons, Hobury and Shalcomb.

Our estate over the years 

In 1717, William Sloane, elder brother of Sir Hans Sloane, decided to purchase 47 acres in Chelsea and then purchased an additional 18 acres in 1721. From Old Church Street to Fulham Road, Limerston Street to King’s Road and more, the land Sloane owned quickly grew to an impressive amount. 

The estate began as beautiful market gardens, which remained until the 19th century when it went through a redevelopment. As we reached 1947, compulsory purchases reduced the Sloane Stanley estate from an impressive 65 acres to 47 acres – by 1962, further sales left the Estate with 18 acres.

Looking ahead

The Sloane Stanley estate has been the beating heart of Chelsea for over 300 years and remains true to its family heritage today as a family run business owning and managing over 250 shops and flats. 

From the outside, we own and manage hundreds of residential and commercial properties across the stunning wonders of Chelsea, but we stand for so much more than giving you or your fantastic pop up shops a home. 

As respected holders of the Sloane Stanley estate, our passion lies in preserving the distinct heritage and character of our well-loved area in Chelsea. In doing so, we strengthen our diverse community by involving ourselves in important matters and events and creating supportive social initiatives and entrepreneurship opportunities.

In the community 

Our focus is to engage in moments that create a powerful impact within our community. Sloane Stanley makes a conscious effort to actively involve the estate in a roster of fulfilling local events, from traditional celebrations to seasonal activities. 

Our efforts go above and beyond social events. We actively attend cultural exhibitions, charitable occasions and anything we feel can make a difference in the community and highlight as an essential part of the destination’s offering. 

As a result of taking part in such fabulous events and activities, Sloane Stanley have established strong bonds with the wider Chelsea community, such as sponsoring the Chelsea Physic Garden and Kensington & Chelsea Art Week. The list of opportunities is endless, and we are proud of where our heritage has positioned us today. 

Whether you are searching for your dream home or looking for a hotspot to bring your pop up shop to life, Sloane Stanley has an incredible range of property options to consider. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you.