From historic backstories to simply some of the prettiest aesthetics, in this article we highlight some of the best shop fronts in London to admire all year round.

The Old Dairy – 352 King’s Road

Founded in 1796, Wright’s Dairy was one of the first dairy buildings in Chelsea. Central London dairy buildings were mostly demolished or re-purposed by the 1950s, but you can still see one of Wright’s Dairy shops which now stands as Face Gym. This now modernised building on the King’s Road still holds plenty of milk-worthy history – as you can see the memorable cow’s head standing proudly on the four-story building today.

Bluebird – 350 King’s Road

Did you know that the famous Bluebird cafe was once a former garage built in 1923 for the Bluebird Motor Company? It was Europe’s largest motor car facility at 50,000 sq ft, and was selling petrol, servicing automobiles, and even providing accommodation for motorists and their chauffeurs.

In 2006, Conran’s Bluebird became the modern restaurant that we know and love now. D&D London, which bought the company, is a collection of 40+ diverse restaurants, bars and one hotel based principally in London, but also with locations in Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Paris and New York. This unique building has become a Chelsea staple in previous years, and will always be memorable on the King’s Road.

300 King’s Road

Known for its prominent position on the King’s Road and corner of Old Church Street, 300 King’s Road boasts a classic, large set of windows and was once an old bank. The unique windows feel incredibly traditional, but the old-fashioned building fits beautifully with other shops and restaurants surrounding it.

293 Fulham Road

With its overly large and modern glass window, 293 Fulham Road is currently serving as a contemporary gym with its impressive stand-out features that have truly brought the gym to life. The unique door panel alone could encourage anyone to walk into the gym and get the job done!

The Old Antiques Market – 253 King’s Road

253 King’s Road used to be owned by the church commissioners and was historically known as the Old Chelsea Antiques Market until 1991. The now shop is unusual as it comprises the entire ground and upper floors

Chelsea Flower Stand – Queen Elm Parade

You have probably spotted this hotspot on social media without even realising it in the past, but 241 Fulham Road is host to the iconic Chelsea Flower Stand that many visitors have enjoyed throughout the years. The range of amazing colours and floral displays are certainly a spot to remember, and many find themselves purchasing an expected bouquet when passing through!

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