Residential Reviews

An approachable and caring team of staff who are committed to delivering a world-class service to our tenants, we are pleased to share some of our tenant reviews.

We have said that many times, but one more is due: best landlords ever! We love you and we hope our paths will cross again really soon! Unfortunately, we had to leave our beloved Chelsea to go into a bigger flat we really, really needed, since you had nothing available at the time. But you will hear from us soon, as our next move we have already decided to be back in Chelsea.

King’s Road

A&K April 2019

I would like to thank you all for your patience and kindness with me. You have made my life a lot easier over the year and have never disappointed. Once again thank you and keep up the great work.

Beaufort Street

SK February 2019

You guys have been amazing with everything. I cant praise you all enough for all your help in getting me in quickly when I initially got to know about the accommodation. Then helping me move to a room with an en-suite bathroom toilet. Even with my leaving, you’ve made life easy for me to transition to my next home. I’ve been able to focus on mum because you’ve literally handled everything. You are all very professional and helpful any time I’ve needed any help. Issues are so quickly handled, the place is maintained really well, and it’s been a real pleasure knowing you all.

Beaufort Street

KS October 2018

I am happy to confirm that over the past 24 months I have very much appreciated the service I have received from Sloane Stanley Estate in general, and particularly from the staff with special mention for Lisa Maher who has been excellent throughout the tenancy. The property itself was presented as a newly refurbished apartment. The finish and quality was superb, the soundproofing perfect, and my tenure was both private and enjoyable. I was very sad to leave. I would not hesitate to recommend Sloane Stanley as the excellent Landlord that they are. Thank you.

King’s Road

AF October 2018

As a recently departed tenant I can thoroughly recommend Sloane Stanley as a landlord. They are friendly, courteous and always efficient which cannot be said of all landlords. They are very quick to respond to any issues that may arise and given the size of the estate they have the infrastructure to deal with matters very quickly ranging from maintenance to accounts and anything else in between. I would very happily become a tenant of the estate in the future.

King’s Road

PD October 2018

Sloane Stanley Estate has been offering supreme and excellent service whenever I needed it. All their staff are very friendly, professional and as a tenant you always feel in secure and safe hands.

King’s Road

CG October 2018

I have been a tenant of Sloane Stanley Estate since July 2005 and have to say that I had a wonderful time over these last thirteen years. The property managers have always been very pleasant to deal with but also proactive and efficient and I am glad that I have had a chance to deal with such a competent team. It is possibly one of the reasons why I have referred over eight tenants while I have lived on the Estate. I would like to thank the team for their hard work over the years. They have always been keen to help me when needed – from an emergency lock change to a heater problem or giving access to somebody while away. I can only strongly recommend the Estate and hopefully one day The Big Easy will be replaced by a Wholefood block and it will become an absolute paradise! Thanks for everything.

King’s Road

PM September 2018

I wanted to say that I have lived on the Sloane Stanley Estate for 7 years and have always found all the employees to be efficient, helpful and kind. All correspondence is answered quickly and whenever I have had a problem contractors have dealt with the issue the same day. I would recommend the Sloane Stanley Estate to anyone looking for rental accommodation and commend the staff and culture for its excellence. I have loved being a tenant of yours.

Fulham Road

CC August 2018