Residential Reviews

An approachable and caring team of staff who are committed to delivering a world-class service to our tenants, we are pleased to share some of our tenant reviews.

Being a tenant of Sloane Stanley really has been the best renting experience I’ve had in London, you are responsive, helpful, easy to deal with, and very professional. No drama, just efficient and pleasant service – really, over the past 2 years I have told all my friends what a great experience it’s been having Sloane Stanley as my landlord, and I only wish I had moved into one of your properties straightaway!
Thanks again for everything, you’ve been terrific and I really appreciate all your help.

King’s Road

YM December 2020

I have enjoyed my time living in 124 Beaufort Street. The staff at Sloane Stanley are very approachable and helpful! The accommodation provided is finished to a very high standard. I would be delighted to live in a property owned by Sloane Stanley again in the future and can wholeheartedly recommend them.

Beaufort Street

NC December 2020

‘It has been great staying in the flat and the experience was enhanced by the services and support that I have received from the team throughout the tenancy. The team were professional, responsive and very helpful. It has been a wonderful experience!’

Fulham Road

EC November 2020

I would say that Sloane Stanley was a fantastic landlord. There were minimal issues with the property, but whenever there was something wrong, Sloane Stanley arranged for prompt service to fix it. You and the team were also very responsive answering any questions or concerns I had. I would have gladly stayed in the property if not for my personal situation, and would be more than happy to rent a Sloane Stanley property again. 

Mallord Street

MB October 2020

I’ve been a tenant of Sloane Stanley for over 10 years. I could not have asked for a better landlord. The Sloane Stanley team are extremely responsive on any matter. I could not recommend Sloane Stanley enough to anyone looking for a rental property.

Fulham Road

TG September 2020

We had a very positive four years renting from Sloane Stanley.

They are a professional outfit, and obviously have an interest in maintaining a good reputation in the pocket of Chelsea where they have owned property for many years.  There is no playing around with an unreachable, amateur landlord.  Sloane Stanley has professional property managers who are organized and know how to handle matters as they arise.  We never had any difficulty with maintenance or repairs and we were pleased to be dealing with very reasonable people who were in an office just a short walk from our home whenever we needed something.  Overall, they seem to keep their properties in good condition and are interested in maintaining them that way for the long term.  They are flexible with you if you are reasonable with them and have an open line of communication with them regarding your needs.  I would be pleased to rent from them again in the future.

Mallord Street

AR July 2020

I’ve had a very pleasant experience with Sloane Stanley. My queries have always been answered in a timely fashion and with utmost professionalism. I would recommend Sloane Stanley to all my friends and I am sad to be departing despite trying my best to find a property within the estate.

King’s Road

AJ July 2020

I found Sloane Stanley to be very efficient landlords. They kept the flat very well maintained and their communication is excellent. They responded fast and efficiently to any problems in the flat and other communal areas. I felt secure in the tenancy and the rent increases were very reasonable. 

Fulham Road

MC July 2020