Location matters

Understand the location, understand who is there and make sure this all matches your brand, your aspirations, your customers and who you want to meet. There are few brands who can open just anywhere and succeed.

Don’t forget the neighbours – you may be in the perfect area but if you’re selling cosmetics, you probably don’t want to have a burger bar next door.

Aim for neighbours who will compliment your brand and you can benefit from each other’s customers in the area. Competition is healthy, especially when their crowd becomes your own.

Location, location, location

Promotion and marketing

Before you arrive, get your name out there and let people know you are there. Send out a newsletter, promote your Pop Up shop on Instagram and other social sites, tell your friends and existing customers, and send invites out for your events.

Tell everyone what you are doing, what to expect and when you’ll be opening.

Hold a private event, launch party or workshop. These make people feel valued and you can really interact with your customers, so they get to know you, your brand and your product personally.

Think about having more than one event, and give each one a purpose. Have themed events for a day or an evening to keep the excitement going. Remember to suit your customers’ needs, host them at different times of the day and give them a reason to come.

Don’t hold an event on the first day; give yourself some time to get settled in and to deal with the unexpected. People are curious so the fact you are new will already bring people in for the first couple of days.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Something completely left field could draw a new crowd into your shop, all of whom are new potential customers you may never have found.

No promotion, no point

Your store

Make your shop window enticing – the shop window is initially what will catch eyes and bring people in.

Change your window display regularly. Install flower walls or unique, Instagrammable pieces and make your brand name visible. Don’t assume people know what you sell – make it obvious.

Fill your shop to create an atmosphere which makes people feel at ease and comfortable when they enter. Don’t be shy to bring a rug for the floor, to put flowers out or to play music. Add some extra lamps or some seating, and perhaps even a large table as a display.

The more comfortable your customer feels, the more likely they are to buy something.

Think about how your shop will look and how you’ll present your stock before you move in. Use rails, tables and benches. Make your brand name visible in the window or above the shop, and think about how you display things at night.

Make sure you visit a few shops that you admire and be inspired to use the things that you like.

You must be prepared to supply everything you need – but don’t go overboard on fixtures and fittings. A little can go a long way, if done with style.

A store is only a space, you make it you

A partnership

A Pop Up is short term and you should be able to rely on your landlord, so don’t ignore them – they are important.

Are they experienced and professional? Is their work something they believe in? Do they fully understand your expectations and needs – or are they just filling a unit?

You need to find out what is and is not included in the rent. Are there extras for electricity and other services? Check what fixtures and fittings are included and what comes with the shop.

Make sure you ask what general support you get from your landlord, should anything go wrong.

Someone has to be responsible for the unit, and it probably shouldn’t be you

The power of gifts

People don’t have to buy from you. Your customers are special, so make them feel special.

Show them that you really want to say thank you, that you’re grateful for their custom.

If you can, offer something to people coming in – like a chilled bottle of water on a hot day, or testers and samples of some of your products. This is especially useful if you’re selling food or non-alcoholic drinks.

Is there something you can offer when someone makes a special purchase? A small gift, a discount on their next purchase or an invitation to an event? Put yourself in their shoes – and see what works.

Your customers are special, so make them feel special

Bring Your Vision to Life

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