What was once an experimental marketing strategy is now a way to get your foot in the door of the brick and mortar industry. 

Major online retailers, including makeup brand Glossier, have opened a permanent London store after deciding to test the market by opening a pop up shop in recent years. With such a fantastic opportunity to develop or promote your brand in a way that attracts new customers in a thriving industry, you must consider pop up shop ideas that will stand out from the crowd.

Freshen up consumer FOMO

The overall notion of a pop up shop is to maximise on consumer’s fear of missing out on an exciting product or experience, knowing that it will only be around for a matter of months, if not weeks. Pop up shops also offer a unique chance to establish your brand and attract new customers in a way that goes beyond browsing or purchasing a product in a store.

Many retailers will wonder how they can open a pop up shop that makes a lasting impression. Whether you are looking to throw a fabulous party to celebrate a product launch or increase brand awareness, here at Sloane Stanley, we have numerous pop up shop ideas that will help your store thrive.

An unforgettable shop design 

The simplest way to attract consumers is to sport an impressive shop front design that urges potential customers to find out lingers inside. Fun, bright colours and innovative artwork will encourage passersby to take a look. While not a pop up shop, Peggy Porshen certainly make an ever-lasting impression with their stunning exterior that often changes with the seasons. 

Having a somewhat majestic shop front will create a memorable experience for consumers and leave them feeling like you have given them something worth remembering. Your pop up shop will remain a positive encounter in their mind, encouraging them to shop with you time and time again. 

Keep in mind that however spectacular, your shop front and signage need to remain true to your brand and how you want to express yourself. This will be the first thing a potential customer will see when passing your store, so make sure it is relevant to your business.

Maximise your space

Pop up shops tend to be outside of the box and will often look different compared to a traditional retail environment. Many will incorporate stylish artwork or have fun activities and other offerings while shopping, such as photo booths, arts and crafts or even free champagne on arrival. Visual engagement is key to getting visitors excited for your brand.

Is your pop up shop ‘Instagram worthy’?

People love an Instagram opportunity. Offering the perfect photo opportunity in your shop provides a modern Gen Z element that meets the expectations of all generations in a modern world. Neon signs, flower walls and photo booths are all popular amongst the crowds you want to impress. 

While you can’t guarantee sales with this method, you can increase your footfall and further promote your business. If people are having fun in your shop, they’re going to associate fun with your brand personality. Photo ops can also put your business on the social media map. 

When consumers capture moments in your store, they are likely to tag your brand in the post (make sure you advertise your social platforms around the area!) and others will soon want to visit. Consider placing your photo area near the back of the store so visitors will walk through and browse the store before they get to the photo area.

Complimentary gifts all round 

Complimentary gifts or services will take any pop up shop to the next level. Fitness related brands can offer branded water bottles, beauty brands can provide exclusive goody bags and clothing brands can give out free branded tote bags on arrival. The limits are somewhat endless but will leave a lasting impression on visitors to your store.

Interaction is essential 

Pop up shops are there to create a physical experience for online brands – regardless of what you are selling, customers should be able to interact with your product. Beauty stores will have light up mirrors and dressing rooms to enjoy, while stores that sell homeware will present them in a way that feels homely so the customer can envisage the item in their own home. Interactive pop up shops will set your brand apart from traditional retail stores. 

Keep the excitement going online 

Pop ups are not forever, and once your contract ends you run the risk of saying goodbye to your physical presence. An online marketing strategy not only offers consumers a place to continue interacting with your brand but a website that also makes it easy for browsing and sales will keep your credibility alive.

Pop up shops to rent in Chelsea

There are many amazing ways to transform your pop up shop into a memorable experience. If your brand is looking to rent a pop up shop in London, Chelsea’s prestigious King’s Road is the place for emerging brands to thrive as they experience the wonders of brick and mortar. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can support you.