We are delighted to be supporting the initiative again with Chelsea Windows and to welcome several of our own stores’ participation. Peggy Porschen is showcasing the work of up and coming artist Emilie Fitzgerald, Love My Human has partnered with Yoni Alter, Fiona Grady has installed her geometric colourful designs in 312 – 314 King’s Road and Cherry Moon is displaying the innovative work by Under Age Studio along with poetry written for the occasion to mark National Poetry Day.

In addition, Everyman Cinema is displaying works by renowned photographer Cornel Lucas. Many thanks to Caroline Boseley who has worked hard to bring the project to fruition and to connect the stores with the artists.

We are also delighted to share the colourful work of Lois O’Hara, (pictured above) a Brighton based artist making a name for herself around the world. She has painted ‘Colourful Street’ on the mural by Chelsea Fire Station which we have supported since its inception in 2017. The work is an abstraction of King’s Road colours and shapes and there is more detail on King’s Road website here. The Pantone Color Institute has worked with us to provide information on defining the moods evoked by the colour palette chosen. The work also celebrates the groundbreaking work of Jacob Christoph le Blon who lived on the Sloane Stanley Estate back in the 1700s when it was known as Chelsea Park. You can find more details on the King’s Road website along with a specially designed walk around the Sloane Stanley Estate. You will see the craftwork of Mo Morsal who has designed Murano glass to reflect the colours and shapes of Lois’s work.

Finally, we are also presenting the third annual William Sloane Award to one of the members of Chelsea Arts Society for their work in the “Chelsea Unlocked” exhibition running from 6th – 11th October at 340 King’s Road. Drop in to see the works and the chance to own an original.

Image by Zach Hyland. @zqfilm