With such an eloquent and expressive heritage, showcasing names many of us admire throughout history, hotspots such as King’s Road are shining the light on inspiring artists and unforgettable artwork this June.

The goal of the annual event is to connect the borough through arts and culture, increase local awareness of the beautiful arts sector and bring better communication and coordination between cultural organisations in London.

Celebrating values

What makes Kensington and Chelsea Art Week 2022 so special is the core values behind the event. The organisers believe that arts can serve as a common language and is critical to a healthy economy. Self-expression is a birthright for everyone, and this dedicated week is for those who believe the arts allow us access to our past, to ourselves and each other. Art allows us all to have a true sense of belonging.

How Sloane Stanley is getting involved

As our readers will know, Sloane Stanley is proud to be involved in community-focused projects that bring life to our wonderful area of London. Over 150 venues are taking part in the initial Public Art Trail event, and you can expect eleven days of fantastic art initiatives to enjoy, hosted by established museums, artist studios, galleries and our beloved King’s Road retailers.

With free workshops, art trails and tours to explore, we can’t wait to share the celebrations with you all in the upcoming weeks. For the third year in a row, we are collaborating with KCAW to create a brilliant exhibition that includes over 10 shopfront windows across King’s Road, from restaurants to retail.

Participating stores will be displaying showstopping artworks by London’s most thrilling new artists, organised and curated by Isabella Bonner-Evans. This year follows the theme of Nourishment, aiming to enrich the High Street with culture and beauty and enhance the image of the new and upcoming artists across town.

Celebrating our beloved King’s Road

Sloane Stanley is delighted to be sponsoring our commercial tenants to take part in “Chelsea Windows” again this year. Bella has been working incredibly hard to ensure each artist and their work is the right match for the individual retailer’s brand, and many artists are suggested until the retailer feels they have the right piece of art or sculpture for them.

This year Nakanojo, Knight Frank, Peruvian Connection, Love My Human, 28/50, Designers Guild, Farm Fetch, The Cherry Moon, Lavender Green & Peggy Porschen will all be participating. The exhibition has been such a success in previous years that some retailers have been reluctant to give back the art. Peggy Porschen, for example, thought their choice worked so well with their brand they sought permission from the artist to keep the paintings in their Chelsea Parlour for the whole year – a fantastic opportunity for promotion.

Kensington + Chelsea Art Week is now considered one of the most exciting cultural events in London. Don’t miss out on this amazing event! We can’t wait to see you. Get in touch with us today to find out more.