However, as technology advances, retail shops find it difficult to keep up with the comfort of a shopper’s own home. To compete, commercial properties need to create a level of enticement that is simply unmissable when searching for the latest luxuries. In return, both footfall and web traffic will increase.

In-store experiences come first

Interior design in a commercial environment is all about balance. Customers want to visit an open-plan, visually pleasing space, but, for business owners, it also has to be cost-effective and practical. It doesn’t help that expectations often evolve as customer taste develops with the latest trends.

Experience is something that brings online and offline retail together. Brands that provide unforgettable experiences will attract and retain the most loyal customers, and a physical store can provide an encounter that an online version could never imitate.

In this article, we discuss the many ways a brand can keep their commercial property on-trend and worth the visit.

Just like home

A store that can provide homely comforts and a sense of belonging will encourage shoppers to stay for longer, purchase more and come back time and time again. Natural lighting, welcoming foliage, and perhaps even a seating area can make a world of difference. Be sure to create a space with enough room to truly take in the products rather than filling the room and overwhelming customers.

Paint a picture of the brand

Gone are the days of simply purchasing a product and moving on. Customers desire a more personal experience, and a business needs to tell a brand story that truly expresses its core values.

Social media is great, but finding a way to showcase values in-store will have a huge impact. For example, a sustainable brand could have a sustainable refill section for products such as perfume, food items or cleaning supplies. Adding relevant elements to the overall design brings the brand to life and paints the perfect picture of how they want to represent itself.

Less is more

Luxury stores in Chelsea all have one thing in common, minimalism and elegance. Displaying a minimal amount of products and spacing everything out in a well-organised manner can highlight the most popular bestsellers by placing them on stand-alone displays. Smaller is better, and limiting the amount of stock on the shelves allows shop owners to refine their options based on what their consumers love the most at that current moment.

Instagram-approved aesthetics

As consumers continue to develop a long-standing love for social media platforms such as Instagram, brands have found it tough to keep up appearances in stores. The need for aesthetically pleasing moments and something to say has meant that shops should think of design with exposure in mind.

The more extravagance or quirk will encourage consumers to flock to the premises and capture the excitement, spreading the word for other future and potential visitors. Take Peggy Porchsen as an example, the beautiful shades of pink and floral fantasy bring tourists from around the UK for that optimum social experience.

Test before committing

As trends come and go, it’s tough to know whether or not a shop will become a hit or merely survive. Pop-up shop opportunities allow businesses to test the waters before making such commitments. Brands can research what makes consumers happy when visiting their stores and use the data to create something incredible.

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