At Sloane Stanley, we are incredibly proud to support and collaborate with The Chelsea Design Collective because it brings a wonderful cause to our neighbourhood and community.

The idea aims to unite the most talented Chelsea’s design retailers, from furniture and fittings to the best interior design products and services.

Together, the well-established brands in the collective have built a heartwarming reputation on the King’s Road and Fulham Road for many years. Each brand has a strong belief in the heritage, creativity and artistry that you can discover in this special and historic area of Chelsea.

Over the coming months and years, the collective will be hosting innovative design-led events and experiential initiatives for visitors and the local community to enjoy.

Upcoming events you will not want to miss

Amongst plenty of exciting events, an Easter trial will commence on Monday 21st of March. Each visitor will have the opportunity to find objects in each store to tick off the map to claim a prize. Prizes range from a 20% in-store discount to delicious easter eggs, a free cushion or colour consultation and a 1-litre point of paint.

Along with the many breakfast meetings every other month, a ‘Chelsea Design Week’ will be held in September 2022, celebrating the design brands in Chelsea. The event will include a branded lampshade festival in bunting style all over the roads, and while more details wait to be confirmed, Sloane Stanley is working closely with the RBKV to expand the event.

The Chelsea Design Collective has created a beautiful sense of community in Chelsea – we can’t wait to see what else comes to light as more collaborations happen within the year. You can keep up with all of the upcoming thrilling events on The Chelsea Design Collective Instagram. We would love to hear from you and see what you think of the initiative so far.

Our proud involvement

We are so excited to welcome visitors in discovering the ultimate design destination in Chelsea. Discover the inspiration behind this fabulous collaboration in the home of such influential luxury design brands.

Our responsibility to look after the Chelsea area is forever expanding, and we are fully committed to preserving the distinctiveness that Chelsea’s heritage and character hold in the community. We love focusing on strengthening the diversity and engagement within our community and through the dedicated support of creative entrepreneurship and social initiates, our focus remains meaningful and positive.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about The Chelsea Design Collective.