The right space will offer a world of opportunities, from reaching new customers you may not have targeted before or a rise in profits you might’ve believed not initially possible. It all comes down to location.

In this article, we provide a helpful overview of finding the perfect location for your business to thrive.

Outline the necessities

The ultimate method in finding the best locations for pop up shops is to decide your overall needs and aspirations. How much space do you need? What sort of vibe do you desire? Rustic and authentic? Or chic and modern? What is your main goal or reasoning for opening a pop up shop? Once you have established the initial decisions, the location becomes much easier to refine.

To own or to rent

Many businesses will consider the advantages and disadvantages of renting a store for months before taking the risk and signing up for an agreed period of time. But how can a brand find the best location without knowing the outcome? A pop up shop offers the perfect opportunity to test the waters and see if it works without too much commitment and risk.

Refine your audience

Knowing your desired audience sets the tone for the entire process. Those with a pre-existing online store will most likely find this process more straightforward since the abundance of data can help highlight where customers are purchasing from, their age range, popular products and more.

Offering an unforgettable shopping experience is nothing if customers can not locate you. Setting up shop in London can broaden your horizons and access a pool of commuters, tourists and famous stars who enjoy what the King’s Road has to offer.

When you have established your audience, you can finalise the design and style of your shop. A pop up shop offers many opportunities to make it your own, with branding, unique structures and more, bringing your dream to life for all to enjoy.

Consider costs

The most expensive element of a pop up shop is finding the right location. So selecting the finest establishment for your brand’s needs is crucial to your success. A temporary store opens the door to renting furniture rather than buying and minimises the risk of stock losses should some products not sell as well as others within a small timescale.

Discussing price expectations and store sizes with a reputable estate agent can help refine your search for the best available hotspots.

City of dreams

With the freedom to set up a pop up shop anywhere in the UK, it is difficult to decipher which hotspot is the best fit. For us, it feels impossible to imagine settling anywhere other than on the Sloane Stanley Estate.

With an ever-growing footfall of frequent commuters and residents, the Sloane Stanley neighbourhood is the place to be. London is full of opportunities, and businesses should take full advantage of the potential return on investment. Being a part of the King’s Road and Fulham Road experience can elevate any company from being unknown to becoming a rising star. Get in touch with us today to learn more.