Pintar Rapido

Pintar Rapido

Are you feeling a little artistic? Now is the time to get down to Green & Stone and top up your turps. Pintar Rapido, Europe’s biggest outdoor painting festival, competition and exhibition is coming to Chelsea. Hundreds of artists join in the fun of creating a picture in a day on the streets of Chelsea on Saturday, 22nd June. The next day the work is hung in the Pintar Rapido exhibition at Chelsea Old Town Hall where the public can buy the paintings and artists can also win a cash prize.

This year Sloane Stanley is supporting the competition and prizes. The top prize is now £1,200 and there is an additional £300 prize too.

Why not book your 2-Day Artist’s Passes and make it a day to remember?

The pass entitles you to be a contender for a Pintar Prize and covers all other costs of taking part in Pintar Rapido including:

  • Taking part in Painting Day on Saturday June 22
  • Having your painting hung in front of hundreds of visitors the next day in the historic Chelsea Town Hall on Sunday June 23
  • Entry to the Private View prior to the exhibition opening to the public and meeting your fellow artists
  • Being eligible to win a Pintar Prize
  • Unlimited complimentary tickets to the exhibition for your friends, family and network
  • Meeting hundreds of other like minded artists

This support is part of Sloane Stanley’s continued commitment to the creative community that has always been part of life in Chelsea.