In 1717, William Sloane, elder brother of Sir Hans Sloane, purchased 47 acres in Chelsea and then in 1721 purchased an additional 18 acres.

In modern terms the main block of land was between Old Church Street, Fulham Road, Limerston Street and the King’s Road along with two additional blocks, the first running down to the Thames defined by Old Church Street and Paultons Square and the other bounded by Limerston Street, Gertrude Street, Langton Street and the King’s Road.

Originally the Estate was mostly market gardens and stayed as such until the 19th century when the majority of the Estate was redeveloped.

In 1947 compulsory purchases reduced the Sloane Stanley Estate from 65 acres to 47 acres and by 1962 additional sales left the Estate with 18 acres.

Today the Estate retains substantial holdings of residential and commercial properties concentrated on the King’s Road and Fulham Road all still under the same family ownership.

Traces of the ownership of the Estate can still be seen especially in names such as Paultons, Hobury and Shalcomb as well as past activities such as Mulberry which reflects an effort at silk farming in the area.

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The Sloane Stanley Name

The Stanley family were a Hampshire based family with their main Estate at Paultons near Southampton, who married into the Sloane family. When Hans Stanley died he gave his Estates to the grandson of William Sloane providing he took the name Stanley. In 1821 Hans Sloane became, by royal licence, Hans Sloane Stanley and the Chelsea Estate became known as the Sloane Stanley Estate.

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