Autumn in Chelsea is just as exciting as any other season, but seeing SW3 through a rich shade of orange truly brings the cosmopolitan district to life.

There is plenty to see and do here as the trees turn from green to red, and we have created a guide of the greatest autumnal hotspots in Chelsea that you can enjoy through October and November.

Scenes of serenity at Chelsea Embankment

With traditional street lights and stunning surroundings, Chelsea Embankment is a beautiful spot to walk through during the Autumn months. The colours are almost too much to take in, so why not sit by the river and bask in the incredible views. You certainly will not need an Instagram filter to capture the moment, the scenes set the mood on their own.

Events at Chelsea Physic Gardens

Sheltered by high walls and situated beautifully on the Thames Embankment, Chelsea Physic Garden stands as one of the most respected botanic gardens across Europe. It is the oldest botanic garden in London and holds an incredibly unique plant collection focused on medicinal, herbal and useful plants. The events that run in Autumn are fantastic, including how to grow your own food and many Halloween themed activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Cosy cafes and treats 

Bluebird is one of our most iconic cafes in Chelsea, and the delicious brunches and heartwarming coffees are the perfect indulgences to enjoy, especially in Autumn. If you can handle the crisp cold weather, Colette offers a new age of dining and brings a contemporary delicatessen to Chelsea. You can enjoy a cute picnic in the park with one of their fabulous gourmet offerings.

Gail’s are dedicated to the craft of baking, and the ultimate autumn desire has to be devouring classic and comforting homemade pastries. If you’re looking for the perfect sweet treat, Peggy Porchen is not only the ultimate Instagram hotspot but also the place to be to satisfy your sugar cravings. 

Take a tour on the river bus

It’s difficult to grasp the wonders of the greatest season in London when you’re travelling via tube. Taking the river bus is a fun and efficient way to see some of the most monumental sites across the city without having to travel underground. Explore all of the beautiful London Hotspots from an entirely different perspective. Take the relaxing route and enjoy the trees from a riverside view. 

A shopping experience like no other

Amongst numerous independent shops along with the Sloane Stanley Estate, Green and Stone sell more than paint and paper, the high-quality creative resources available offer a true insight into the world of art. Instead of just enjoying the scenery, why not document the experience with an artistic piece.

Along with locations to enjoy, the fashion scene across London thrives in Autumn – after all, they are not called Chelsea boots for nothing. With gorgeous tailored coats and cashmere scarves spotted everywhere at this time of year, shops like White Coco set the tone. Shop the perfect Autumn look to show off at our favourite hotspots.

Sloane Stanley is host to many glorious shops and eateries amongst the estate. There is always something exciting going on in our neighbourhood, and with a trip to Chelsea to visit some of our stores, whether they are a permanent neighbour or a Pop Up experience diversifying our offer, it makes for the perfect place to truly enjoy the wonders of Autumn.