I have honestly always been with it(from hot water issue, broken toilet, or clarification of billing) it has all been treated with a sense of urgency and with friendly service. Compared to our last landlord, the experience has been night and day. Truly been great having you… we also appreciated reasonability and flexibility when we moved in(offered discount on first bill due to canceling sky service when we didn’t need to). The paper notices of upcoming inspections are a good heads up, I also appreciated the small things like recycling bags and some small gifts(Christmas, move in). Finally- jas has been very professional and again pragmatic and resonable. When people are paying expensive London rents that goes a long ways that there is a personal touch on the service and the landlord takes accountability for the properties!
Harry July 13, 2017
Dear Jaswinder,
Thank you so much
I have been a tenant with Sloane Stanley for two years. They have provided a first class service. Nothing is too much of a bother, they have made moving and living in London very easy. They work with professionalism at all times and have been the perfect start to a new chapter in London. They provide excellent cleaning and portering services who are very friendly.
Aimee Taylor, June 8, 2017
I am writing to say that we were very pleased with your services at Sloane Stanley in terms of our tenancy from the start day to the finish.
Firstly, there was a very warm welcome from Haidara at the flat that we were renting from Sloane Stanley on the first morning, she explained to us everything we needed. You even provided us with a new set of pans and pots that were needed for the induction hob, this was a very thoughtful touch we thought.
During our tenancy, you both dealt with all our queries in a timely manner and provided assistance as and when required, even once we had to call your out of hours service late on a Sunday evening and they were very helpful.
I always felt that your approach was considerate and sincere towards us as your tenants.
Raj C, December 9, 2016
I very happy with your service. Very efficient staffs. Accommodation-maintained very well. Concerns- get response quickly. Very accessible to public transportation.
Highly recommend this place to others.
Florence I
Jas- thanks for everything!
The service from Sloane Stanley has been impeccable! One of the best homes I’ve lived in, with amazing and seamless management!
Timmy M, October 11, 2016
From start to finish we have been bowled over by the quality of service provided by Sloane Stanley. If only all private lettings were to this standard. Throughout our tenancy, Lisa and her team ensured that we felt relaxed and always at home. Any issues, however small, were immediately dealt with by a professional team of staff dedicated to the Estate. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sloane Stanley to anyone and only wish we had rented from them at an earlier date. Thank you all so much for your hard work, service and assistance over the years.
Marc C
I would like to thank Sloane Stanley for being such excellent and attentive landlords.
I lived on the Estate for over 10 years, and I can honestly say were it not for the numerous issues that began in early 2013 and persistently continued when the commercial unit below became a café I wouldn’t have left. ……
That aside however the service received from Sloane Stanley relating to all maintenance issues, improvements that you agreed to carry out on my flat whilst I lived there and the general friendliness and efficiency shown by all the team was second to none. Your contractors were always excellent and the speed at which any maintenance issues were resolved was exceptional. Lee Gary and Mel in particular were fantastic.
We have edited comments which we think fairly reflects the criticism made regarding issues that occurred. The Estate recognises we were unable to resolve them satisfactorily.
Lucinda J
I sincerely want to thank all the Sloane Stanley group for the professionality and kindness during my rent period.
I am so sad to leave your “family”. You have always over delivered all my requests. A special thank you to Jaswinder and Ramina, you are amazing!
I will recommend the Estate!
Simone S., July 5, 2016
Having Sloane Stanley as landlords has been a fabulous experience. Firstly we loved every single day we spent in the flat and in the area. We are also very happy with the assistance and service provided by Sloane Stanley. Always very prompt and available for emergencies 24h. Everybody was helpful and communicative, we never had to wait for an intervention when needed. The communal areas were kept clean and tidy at all times and rubbish always collected promptly.
We are extremely happy with the service received and we will miss Sloane Stanley and their team; we would certainly recommend you to any friend looking for a flat.
Ottavia & Andrea, May 12, 2016
Thank you Haidara and Ramina. Thank you for all your help in the past years. We have loved this flat and the whole experience has been just wonderful thanks to you two and all the assistance provided.
We would and will recommend it to everybody who asks. We are very sad to leave.
Ottavia M, April 5, 2016
Sloane Stanley is a thoroughly professional landlord who can truly offer its tenants the peace of mind that should you need them, they are always keenly able to offer swift help. It’s very reassuring to know that should any issue arise, they will be able to deal with it with minimum tenant involvement. The property itself was well maintained and managed, in an excellent location and condition. We have been very happy with the kind hospitality and services the Sloane Stanley team has treated us with, and would definitely highly recommend them!
The very best of luck to you and your colleagues as well, thank you again for all the kind help over the past year.
Tiffany, Miro & Kitty, March 9, 2016
Just a huge thank you to you all. We felt incredibly at home at 1 Elm Park Lane and it was such a happy home. Thank you for being so accommodating. It is hugely appreciated.
Having spent almost 3 years at 1 Elm Park Lane, you and your colleagues have always been extremely helpful and done all you can to assist us, we have found you very fair and good landlords.
Thank you and should you ever take on a larger house on your Estate, please contact us.
Claudia & Isaac S., January 26, 2016
I have had a very pleasant experience with Sloane Stanley over the past 2 years. They were always very responsive and helpful. I would recommend Sloane Stanley properties and services. I wish all the best for the Sloane Stanley team.
Once again thank you for your assistance throughout these years.
Francisco T,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all at Sloane Stanley. You have been professional, courteous and always dealt with any concerns and issues efficiently, making our time living here a stress free enjoyable experience.
Lisa & Dean F, January 19, 2016
Your team has been absolutely fantastic. You were always easy to contact and communication was very smooth. You attended all maintenance issues promptly. I am impressed and thankful.
Sloane Stanley is great!
Maxime LM, December 17, 2015
The service I received from Sloane Stanley has been great. I have been kept up to date with any work that is being done and events taking place in the area. They have been prompt at fixing broken appliances and have been helpful when I got locked out.
Victoria C, December 4, 2015
Ramina I would like to thank you and the rest of the Sloane Stanley team for a great experience as a tenant in one of your properties. The staff were very helpful in dealing with all inquiries and went above and beyond to help with some special requests.
Tom H, September 23, 2015
I found the team at Sloane Stanley to be warm, responsive and very efficient. Many thanks to all of your team for making my stay a relaxed and enjoyable one.
Anjum H, September 23, 2015,
Overall, I was very pleased with the service I received. With just a couple of exceptions (which were rectified), you were very quick in getting any issues fixed. The property was very well maintained and attractive, you were very helpful with what I would consider “special” requests like moving the cable outlet from one side of the room to the other so that I could have a more appropriate place to put my TV. It wasn’t anything you needed to do but you did it anyway to provide good Customer Service and it was much appreciated. Also as I was an ex-pat living abroad, there were multiple challenges with mu US to UK banking, and you all were always very flexible when it came to that kind of thing-thus really easing my stress level.
I had a great time living in London and wouldn’t have stayed at any other property – it was perfect for me! Thanks and best wishes for the future.
Megan W, September 23, 2015,
I wanted to thank you for the services we received from you on behalf of the Sloane Stanley Estate. All the people I talked to were very friendly and professional.
Each time we had an issue in the flat, your answer was very prompt and everything was sorted out in a very short period of time. The flat was maintained to the highest standards (windows washed regularly, security checked..)
We really enjoyed living in this flat and we really appreciated the services we received from Sloane Stanley. I will really miss it.
Nathalie V, August 5, 2015
I found the team at Sloane Stanley to be warm, responsive and very efficient.
Many thanks to all of your team for making my stay a relaxed and enjoyable one.
Anjum, July 7, 2015
Thank you very much for all the help and prompt support provided over the last 7 years. Please thank your team (Paula, Ramina and Haidara) who have always been kind, friendly and provided outstanding support in each of the issues which we’ve found in and with the flat along the way.
We had a very positive experience and will always recommend Sloane Stanley as a landlord to our friends and family in London.
Adriana & Jan, May 29, 2015
I would like to thank you for your services that I received during my stay at 124 Beaufort Street as a tenant in one of your flats. It was a pleasant stay during these four years. The place was always clean, kept to high standards and your administrative team were always prompt to solve any issues that may have arisen.
Thanks again, and I wish the team all the best in the future.
Yasmin, April 17, 2015
I have had a very pleasant experience with Sloane Stanley. The property’s are managed extremely well and the administration process prior to moving in and when moving out was handled professionally and efficiently. I am very impressed with the service Sloane Stanley provide and would highly recommend them to future tenants.
Joanna, April 14, 2015
I have been very happy with Sloane Stanley as a landlord. Repairs were always taken care of immediately and dealt with, with great professionalism. Also the overall quality of the flats’ fittings is of a very high standard.
Constanze, March 13, 2015
I was with Sloane Stanley for the past two years, Larissa for the past year.
Our experience with Sloane Stanley was above fantastic. Always very professional and understanding, any trouble we had with the flats got dealt with within 24 hours. Haidara and then Poppy were always available. It was very reassuring for us to know that if we needed something we could have relied on such nice and expert people’s help.
Laura, November 13, 2014
The service we received was impeccable and actually so far never received a better service from any management company.
The response time on any issues was always immediate. We always recommended to all our friends using Sloane Stanley and wish you had a larger portfolio to accommodate all of them.
Christian, September 17, 2014
Having lived in London for 12 years, I have lived in a lot of different flats and dealt with numerous landlords. The service I have received whilst at Beaufort Street is second to none. From the day I moved (new sheets, duvet, champagne etc.) the service and attention to detail has been unrivalled. The staff were always at hand to answer and deal with any problems promptly. I feel the block is very well maintained and a great deal of care and attention is afforded to ensure the tenants feel comfortable and relaxed. The gifts at Christmas etc. really made me feel very welcome and also made me feel like I wasn’t just a number who is paying rent but that Sloane Stanley genuinely care about the tenants, which is a rarity when renting anywhere. It is difficult to fault anything from my stay; the price; location; cleanliness; and approachability and friendliness of the staff have all made my stay very auspicious. I wish you and the team all the very best for the future and thank you all once again for your hospitality.
Gearoid, August 20, 2014
My partner and I had a wonderful year living in this property. This was due to not only the property itself, but the service we received throughout our time there. Sloane Stanley and their maintenance staff were extraordinarily efficient, patient and helpful through all times of need and assistance; even if this was late at night or on weekends!
I would highly recommend their properties to any one I know and we thank you for everything you have done for us.
I have been happy with the service that I have received from Sloane Stanley. The communal areas, in the property which I rented, were cleaned to a high standard. Maintenance issues were generally dealt with promptly and fairly. Many Thanks
Faye, August 12, 2014
Darcy and I consider ourselves very lucky to have been fortunate to have Sloane Stanley as our landlords for our first tenure in London. It is with a heavy heart that we are leaving the Estate and know that our experience will be very difficult to replicate. The few minor flat issues we had were always handled promptly, service time was always impressive and attention to maintaining the quality of the Estate was genuine.
The Porters were always kind and friendly and were always willing to offer a helping hand. Paula who we have known from the beginning as the broker from Cluttons, but then joined the Estate, has always
looked after us as a representative of the Estate but also as a friend and we appreciate immensely all her efforts and time on our behalf.
In addition to Paula all of her colleagues on the Estate we have dealt with over our almost 5 years (Haidara, Ramina, Poppy) have been very helpful, extremely professional and meticulous.
The team at Sloane Stanley sets the bar high and we hope to one day end up back on the Estate.
Jeremy, August 7, 2014
I am also really sad to leave the Estate after so many years! It was a great time and I have to say that Sloane Stanley is doing an extraordinary job!
Oliver, August 7, 2014,
You have been excellent landlords, very happy to extend the tenancy
Andrew, August 7, 2014,
We are sad to end our stay with the estate and appreciate your team’s efforts to make our stay with you nothing short of fantastic over the last 4+ years.
Darcy, July 7, 2014
We wanted to tell you that we have been extremely lucky to have rented the house with you as you have been an excellent landlord to us. Always available when in need, always listening to any problems that may occur, punctual, respectful and very understanding. I do hope all landlords were like you. We will miss you and our lovely flat on the King’s Road.
Helena and Ben, June 25, 2014
During my year and a half living at Beaufort Street, I have nothing but good things to say about Sloane Stanley .
From the initial warm welcome (the free duvet was much appreciated), to the constant cleaning and maintenance of the flat, nothing was left to chance. Even the sweet Christmas greeting cards.
All notifications were given in advance, making all requirements a smooth sail throughout.
I would without a doubt suggest Sloane Stanley as a very professional and thoughtful Landlord to anyone.
It was a pleasure being part of the “family”
Marco, March 31, 2014
We are really pleased with the service Sloane Stanley has provided during the time we been living in London.
And when we are moving back we will for sure check if we can rent something again from Sloane Stanley.
Jacob, March 24, 2014
Finally, I must say I AM SIMPLY DELIGHTED I was able to remain within the Estate. You are ALL so efficient, patient and courteous which makes one’s life so much easier and happier
Rosita, February 19, 2014
Haidara, Paula
The service provided thus far from Sloane Stanley has been impeccable. We are so very grateful for everything you have done, and the manner in which it was done.
Georgina, November 29 2013,
The property was ideally located, and my 12 years at the same flat was thoroughly enjoyed by the local shops and community. The staff at Sloane Stanley were excellent over the years: always professional and responsive when called upon with any requests. Without any reservations, I would highly recommend Sloane Stanley to friends and colleagues alike. Integrity in this business is often difficult to find, and I am pleased to say that the staff at Sloane Stanley demonstrated this during my time with them.
Wendi, November 21, 2013,
Dear Haidara, it has been a pleasure working with you. You are very professional and helpful.
Claudia, September 1, 2013
I would like to express my gratitude towards your professionalism and high standard services. You have been always friendly and dedicated to meeting my requirements over the past year and a half-including the odd ones.
Deina, July 8, 2013
Thanks a lot for all your kindness and support during my stay. I leave very impressed with the service of Sloane Stanley.
Ana, July 1, 2013
Thanks for your well wishes and when we look to rent again in the future we’ll certainly look to Sloane Stanley as the service has always been very professional.
Mark, June 8, 2013
The relationship I had with Sloane Stanley Estate was probably the best one could have with a landlord. I moved to the UK in 2011 and had to deal with the Sloane Stanley team for more than 2 years. The professionalism of the service provided, combined with the constant availability of the staff for any matter of my life were fundamental pillars that made me feel comfortable and in good hands during the whole period of my time in London. I have travelled a lot and lived in several countries. I have had to move several times from one flat to another, but my experience with Sloane Stanley has been an amazing and unforgettable experience that I haven’t found anywhere else in the world. Thank you Paula, thank you H, thank you Bola… thank you Sloane Stanley.
Marwan, April 8, 2013
I would like to thank the team at Sloane Stanley,particularly Paula Brockway, for their exceptional service and professionalism throughout my tenancy period of over three years. They were always very responsive and helpful even with the smallest of requests. I would not hesitate to recommend Sloane Stanley to anyone who is looking to rent one of their properties.
Rania, October 8, 2012
My partner and I have been tenants for approaching 3 years. The property was beautifully decorated when we moved in and the high standards are attentively maintained by the estate. The smallest of problems have been rectified in the speediest time possible with Paula and Bola being so helpful and pro-active. It is by far the most pleasant place we’ve ever lived.
James, October 4, 2012
We were tenants of the Sloane Stanley Estate for over a year and a half and were very happy with the way the management team dealt with our queries and issues. In particular, we would like to say a big thank you to Paula and Bola for their friendly service and efficiency in dealing with any issues we had. We really felt looked after and were sad to leave as we knew we would not get the same level of service elsewhere. We would definitely recommend them to our friends. Thanks again Sloane Stanley!
Jaine and Christian, September 8, 2012

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